We don't see land owners, we see partners.

Ember in Your Community

Every day, our people take steps to earn the communities’ respect with the belief that working hard and lending a hand will make a difference.


Safety drives everything that we do. And that means ensuring our operations are safe for those living near our facilities and wells. We understand the value of working closely with stakeholders to build a foundation of trust as we uphold the highest standards of operational, regulatory and environmental performance.


We are passionate about backing the communities in which we live and work, knowing that our success is interdependent on the success of each community in our operational area. That's when the best partnerships flourish.

We mitigate our impact on landowners’ way of life and their livelihood by adjusting our operational schedules where possible. For example, Ember field operators will consult with landowners to ensure our drilling and production operations do not conflict with seasonal agricultural land use, such as at seeding or harvest time.

Find out about how Ember is working to minimize its operational impact in your community. Read more.


We have a grassroots approach to community investment, concentrating our efforts on initiatives which have a broad reach and a wide scope. Whether a high profile event or a smaller local program, we consider every request brought forward and support those which meet our charitable guidelines of having direct impact in our operational areas.