We see the big picture, you see a small footprint.

Health, Safety and Environment

As Canada’s leading coalbed methane producer, we are committed to conducting our operations and activities in a responsible manner.


Our corporate safety management program protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors and the public. And that means we are determined to ensure our operations are safe for those living near our facilities and wells, and for local communities.

Our focus on operational efficiencies and rigorous cost control never supersedes our principal responsibility which is to protect the environment, mitigate our footprint, protect the health and safety of our dedicated workforce and collaborate with the communities in which we live and work.

We employ leading technologies to drill and complete our wells in the safest and least disruptive manner possible. With a typical CBM well averaging only two days from spud to rig release, smaller mobile rigs can be used to drill quickly and efficiently. Upon completion, our well site surface footprint is approximately 60 meters x 60 meters, allowing for minimal disturbance to agricultural and varied land use.

Protecting What Matters

We're a proud and proactive industry leader focused on safety training and environmental practices. Safety and sustainability drives everything we do.


Coalbed methane production is our singular focus. This means we have all eyes on our wells, all the time, allowing us to dedicate the requisite attention to operate at peak efficiency.

Our 10,000 CBM wells provide reliable production with minimal maintenance. Our real-time SCADA control systems allow us to instantly monitor our facilities and thousands of wells concurrently to troubleshoot potential problems before they occur, schedule regular clean-out of residual water to maximize production, and even remotely stop or start production. By minimizing routine site visits we reduce operating costs and diminish environmental impact from site traffic.


Due to the relative simplicity of CBM completions, our mobile truck-mounted units are on site for an average of less than half a day. These ‘rig-less’ well stimulations inject high-pressure nitrogen (N2), the inert gas found naturally in our air; stimulating CBM production without toxic components or additives.