Our real energy comes from our focus.

About Ember

We are one of Canada’s largest producers of shallow gas, producing over 275 million cubic feet of natural gas per day gross (245 net). We are an active consolidator of shallow gas assets in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin – and we’re growing. With strong partners and exceptional assets, we are focused on energy for future generations.


Our locally produced unconventional natural gas is a low-cost, long-life natural gas resource. The shallow gas that Ember produces from its wells is considered the cleanest burning fossil fuel available today and is the natural gas that heats our homes and businesses.

Ember has a proven record of organic growth driven by scalable and repeatable drilling success, significant expansion through accretive acquisitions and low-risk, long-life reserves of 25–30 years.



Ember has significant leverage to natural gas prices. We are ideally positioned to continue expanding our free cash flow model supported by low decline rates and cost structures to deliver low-risk exposure to natural gas in Western Canada.

With a large inventory of shallow gas development opportunities behind pipe and owned infrastructure in place, we have the flexibility to develop half-cycle opportunities and our lowest-cost drilling locations to keep gas production stable and generate significant free cash flow.

Focused on lowering operating costs paired with flexibility in our budget, Ember will capitalize on 400 behind pipe re-completions and 4,200 potential drilling locations to support current production levels and future growth in the Horseshoe Canyon fairway.


Ember Resources Inc. is a private Canadian company in financial and strategic partnership with Brookfield Corporation, a global alternative asset manager with over $800 billion in assets under management.

Exceptional assets and operational efficiencies position Ember for continued expansion of its free cash flow model at attractive economic returns through:

  • 100% focus on shallow gas, one of the largest producers in Canada
  • Large scale/low decline assets
  • Large inventory of low-risk expansion opportunities
  • Operated assets with high working interest
  • Track record of accretive acquisitions
  • Reliable access to capital
  • Strong management team
  • Long-term development, with low-risk and low-cost drilling, low production decline rates and long reserve life of 25-30 years