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Ember CBM Well Metrics

Ember’s operations require only a small land footprint during all phases of development.


Fewer drilling days, near pipeline-quality gas flow and simple compression production equates to lower drilling costs, with long production life and a low decline rate.

CBM natural gas in the Horseshoe Canyon coal trend requires small rigs and mobile completion units which translate into low drilling and completion costs. The average well takes only two days to drill spud to rig release.

Highlights of a typical CBM well

  • Drilling depth 650 – 1,200 metres
  • $175k drilling costs per avg. well
  • $350k to drill, complete and tie-in
  • Initial production of 90 mcf/d per well
  • Conventional sands are co-mingled with CBM production
  • 60 meter x 60 meter producing well site surface footprint
  • CBM well production avg. 25 – 30 years