Engaging with landowners to ensure shared success


We are leaders in our industry, but we are also neighbours in the towns, ranch lands, and farms throughout the southern landscape of the province. Ember takes a solutions-based approach with the goal of creating positive, long-term outcomes to shared community challenges. We work collaboratively with landowners and farmers to reduce the overall size of our well footprints, returning a sizable portion of the land to a pristine state for the landowners’ use.

Our goal is to utilize minimum disturbance of surface rights in our operations, reducing the impact on the agricultural operations allowing farmers to safely continue their operations in closer proximity to Ember’s infrastructure.

This means that Ember gives farmers and landowners additional land back for crops and other productive purposes. It also reduces our environmental surface footprint and reduces the restoration requirements during closure operations.

We are also committed to remediating and reclaiming wells that are no longer productive. In the past two years, we have remediated over 600 non-producing wells, and have returned the land – or are in the process of returning the land – to the landowner in the condition they expect it

Indigenous Partnerships

Ember is committed to honouring its commitments to its Indigenous partners and upholding the rights of local First Nations. While we have minimal operations on or near lands held by Indigenous Peoples, we are committed to continuing direct consultations and engagement with local First Nations.