Our support for good people, our secret to success.

Our People

Our success is fuelled by a passionate team. At our core, we are a company that thrives on collaboration. Every member of our team is accountable, empowered and committed to building the company today, and in the future.


With over 250 employees, we have created an integrated culture that supports the core of our business – a collective drive to be the best in the business.

Our people are the face of our company. They are the specialists in their area of expertise and decision-makers on the ground. They offer integrity and dedication with a shoulder-to-the-wheel kind of attitude.

Our team is fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of professional empowerment, and a desire to engage with fellow employees, stakeholders and the rural communities in our operational areas. You’ll see something different at Ember, and you’ll experience it too.

A Vibrant Culture

We're a team that invests in safety, embraces community, values streamlined processes, and creates a better quality of life for all of us.

Get to know our people

Working at Ember is a great learning experience. We're encouraged to take initiative and are entrusted with the decisions we make.

Erin Kerr, Office Supervisor

Safety is a number one priority at Ember. It's second nature and front-of-mind daily.

Duke Laye, Superintendent, Optimization & Maintenance

Ember has gathered together great people who enjoy working with each other. I really appreciate how management views their people and how they treat their people.

Lisa Webber, HR Manager

We have efficient internal communication channels. The managers I report to are accessible and responsive. When I need to move something forward, I speak directly with the people who have the authority to make the decision.

Marnie Woodman, Area Manager

Our culture is dynamic. We want people to know the value of their contribution; to take responsibility for everything they do at Ember and to see their direct impact on the company and its success.

Ken Ronaghan, Vice President, Engineering