Our operations are expanding, our story is unfolding.

Ember assets

The Ember Advantage. Operating in Horseshoe Canyon, a low-cost natural gas resource play in Alberta, Canada.


Under the current gas price environment, Ember is capitalizing on existing inventory to create the most cost-effective opportunities.

  • Recompletion work on existing well bores
    • Nitrogen (N2) stimulations
    • Commingles
    • Water shut-offs
    • Perforations
  • New Drilling Locations
    • Seismic Targets
    • Shallow gas Development

Sweet, Clean and Dry Natural Gas Production

Ember’s wells are shallow gas wells located in south-central Alberta. The majority of our natural gas is produced from multiple coal seams in the Horseshoe Canyon formation which is ‘sweet, clean and dry’ natural gas that is a near pipeline-quality right out of the ground.

The remainder of the shallow gas comes from the conventional sands (Belly River and Edmonton zones).

  • Sweet – does not contain hazardous hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or other contaminants.
  • Clean – is widely recognized as the cleanest burning fossil fuel produced today.
  • Dry – the source formations of Horseshoe Canyon contain little to no water, so methane production begins as soon as the formation is completed.

Capital Efficiencies, Predictable Metrics

Ember’s structure and business model allows the company to maintain financial flexibility throughout evolving industry conditions and price cycles. Our low-cost structure positions allow the company to benefit from increases in natural gas pricing, while its rigorous cost control and low finding, development, and acquisition (FD&A) costs mitigate shallow gas’ relatively low revenue compared to other.