VP, Marketing

Ember is a privately-owned natural gas producer based in Calgary, Alberta. Ember is focused on long-life coal bed methane (CBM) production in Southern Alberta with gross production of 290 mmcf/d of natural gas. We are seeking the following candidate for our expanding natural gas business:

VP, Marketing

We are seeking a permanent full-time Vice President, Marketing who will report to the President & CEO and will be an important member of the executive team with responsibility in leading natural gas marketing initiatives, working with the Marketing Committee (MC) and mentoring marketing group team members.

The successful applicant must meet the following:

– 15+ years of relevant marketing experience in AECO and export gas markets.

– A [minimum of a] post-secondary degree with direct experience in gas marketing

– Candidate will be well versed in understanding AB Storage opportunities to optimize AB Fixed Price, 7a and 5a exposure.

– A skilled contributor engaging with all levels of the organization including direct reports, board, committees, natural gas marketers and transportation providers

– A strategic leader with vision and capabilities to lead and manage short and long-term planning objectives

– Proven track record of optimizing AECO and export market exposure to Dawn, Emerson Michigan, Chicago, Ventura, Station 2, Sumas and Malin.

– Ability to developing strategic analysis to support market risk assessment.

– Experience in providing marketing expertise across multiple departments

– Superior knowledge of Henry Hub physical drivers and experience in managing NYMEX and AECO basis exposure.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

– Superior understanding of the North American Natural Gas Market and a thorough understanding of the AECO system including but not limited to:

•Supply /Demand drivers including TCPL system flows TCPL system outages

•Receipt and Delivery contracting/de-contacting and the impacts of a connected supply basin.

– Manage and expand transportation contracts for delivery to NIT and export to downstream markets.

– Develop risk assessed mid and long-term hedging strategies.

– Lead and mentor marketing group team members and work within the Company to provide marketing expertise to production and financial and exploitation departments.

– Superior knowledge of producer receipt contracting management in order to optimize Ember flows and analyze fundamental supply drivers.

– Ability to analyze and source intra-Alberta direct sales opportunities.

– Superior knowledge of US markets that impact AECO flows and netbacks.

– Proactively manage day, BoM, current and front month exposures to maximize revenue and minimize downside price risks. Integrate monthly sales initiatives with forecasted field production.

– Competent understanding of near month markets to achieve price optimization.

– Develop reporting package for regular review with MC providing key inputs supporting existing and future marketing strategies.

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Please upload your file as a: PDF, JPG, or DOC